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Anita Prasad-Willems

Counsellor  Coach ∞ Healing Practitioner

Gold person sitting within gold lotus

Many factors both personal and professional have combined to create what has become my practice and the therapies that I offer.

From an early age I was aware of an Inner Light , an internal guide that if listened and attended to, could be a huge resource that would lead to a happier and fulfilled life.

I experienced a strong sense of an age old eternal wisdom and inner compass, something that I understood we all carried within us and thus began my journey to make sense of this inner guide.

I studied Psychology BSc (Hons) and then Postgraduate Counselling in the approach of Person-Centred Therapy, a style of talking therapy which places this inner resource at the heart of its approach.

As I’ve travelled deeper inwards through my training and subsequent work as a counsellor, as well as other lived experiences, this inner guide has revealed more of it’s spiritual nature in how we are inextricably and intimately connected with Source.

You of course do not have to hold this belief to work with the practices on offer. 

When we feel overwhelmed, confused and out of balance we tend to lose sight of our own personal power, however we choose to name or experience this.

I believe that in order to create meaningful change, bring our vision into being or to experience true healing, we can garner the transformative power of this internal

Anita Prasad - Willems

resource and be guided toward the answers within so that our lives can be truly self directed and aligned with who we truly are. 

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) with my Counselling & Coaching practice, an Advanced Divine Plan Practitioner and a Complementary Healthcare Professional.

I receive professional supervision in all approaches of my work.

My work is not associated with any religion.

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