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Counselling is a process of support for anyone who wishes to move forward in life, beyond the emotional or psychological place they find themselves in.

It is a useful way to explore a range of life experiences, past or present, especially if they are impacting negatively on our life and causing us to feel stuck.

There are many different approaches within counselling but essentially they all aim to promote awareness, understanding, empowerment and change.

With my 20 years of experience, using a combination of skills and a Person - Centred approach, of a non- judgemental space, empathy and authentic engagement, you will have the freedom to unfold and explore the areas within that require attention.

Counselling does not offer advice or tell you how to live your life. We will work collaboratively to explore and attend to your issues of concern and discover what is uniquely required by you to gain balance, improve your wellbeing, and move forward in a more fulfilling way.

I work in this way over an extensive range of issues relating to adult emotional wellbeing.

Working within the University sector and young people's charities makes me particularly well placed to work with students, young people 11-25yrs, minority ethnic and neurodivergent clients.

Balancing Rocks

Young People 11-25yrs
Global Majority 

Via Teams / Zoom
50 mins


It's important that you choose a counsellor that's the right fit.

I offer a free 20 minute introductory session where we can both meet.

You can get a sense of how I work and I can see if what I offer is able to support you. 

If you have any questions or would like to book an introductory session, please get in touch.

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