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Divine Plan Healing

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Experience the Healing of the Divine Feminine

and let Her fill you in places where love needs a home... David Ashworth


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Divine Plan Healing is a 6-week healing journey direct from Source. 


It offers the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in perfect harmony, to balance our personal Feminine and Masculine aspects and thus bring flow back into our lives.


The healing method was gifted in 2013 to Lynne Shaw, an Emerald Heart Light Practitioner.









The Emerald Heart Light is a beam of Light from Source.  It is a heart opening Light that works with the Evolution of Consciousness.


It  was channelled by David Ashworth in 2005 and is the foundation of Divine Plan Healing.


Divine Plan Healing was gifted for this Time of the Goddess.


There is an awakening of the Divine Feminine and Divine Plan Healing brings forth the Energy, Love & Wisdom of Mary Magdalene. 


She is stepping forward to heal feminine wounding or distortions, so that the Divine Feminine may rise again through the consciousness of both women and men and walk amongst us, her presence and expression experienced again on Earth and in Humanity.


You might feel her Call…


You can read more about the relationship between the Emerald Heart Light & Divine Plan Healing as the two pillars of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine here 

The Divine Plan Healing method works particularly with the Womb and /or Holy Womb Chakra that can be found both in men and women. It grounds deeply into the Earth Mother and connects with her Womb. 

It also works on the Heart, strengthening, connecting and uniting both of these power centres.  


It is therefore a potent approach for facilitating Pregnancy, Creativity and Grounding in particular, as it deeply connects you to Earth whilst supporting the healing of any blocks or obstructions in your creation centres.


I act as Witness, to this beautiful process between your Higher Self and Source, that facilitates the perfect healing process for your chosen intentions.


Divine Plan Healing can offer support in many ways, however at its core it serves to align you with your unique Divine Purpose and support you to step into your personal Divine Plan.

Examples of what it can assist with:


(Re)Connecting with your Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Power

Gain Clarity & Vision

Stress & Anxiety

Support with Burnout & Overwhelm

Fear & Shame

Pregnancy & Nurture 

Parenthood & Care Giving

Creative Flow

Promote Peace, Harmony & Balance 


Experience the benefits of Divine Plan Healing and let it reach you in places where Love needs a home….

You can experience Distant Healing from the comfort of your own home.


If you have an occasion or an object you would like to bless, please see Event Healing.

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Distant Healing 

30-Min call setting Healing Intention

1 Hour Distant Healing

The Goddess of Light Essence 

4 Weeks of Healing

30-Min follow-up insight call

Via WhatsApp / Zoom 

£130 inc. P&P


Sessions are held remotely and are approximately 1 hr 30 minutes.


In a session you will be asked to set an intention (s) or identify a target (s) that you would like assistance with.


The wording of the target(s) is significant as this will aid the healing to reach as deeply as possible, so some time may be spent on getting the wording just right.

Once the target(s) have been established you can lie back and Universal Consciousness will be requested to enter and provide the healing required. 


Please allow up to 1 hour for this.

You will then be invited to start taking the Goddess of Light essence daily for 4 weeks.

One month later we will have a follow up call to explore any insights or movement that you experienced over the four week healing.

Monthly Distant Healing

First Tues of the Month


8pm GMT

1 Hour Distant Healing 


Join me from the comfort of you own home, anywhere in the world at 8pm GMT for a rejuvenating and nourishing session.

Experience the Light from Source and the Healing of the Earth Mother for 1 hour.


Set your own intention and get comfortable to receive the Light which will stay with you for 1-2 days.

A Goddess of Light Essence can be included to extend the healing for up to 6 weeks. 

A beautiful way to start the month...


Event Healing 

15-Min call setting Healing Intention

45min Healing

15-Min follow-up insight call

Via WhatsApp / Zoom 



Do you have a special occasion or belonging that you would like to support with the Light?

Are you purchasing a new home or car that you would like to clear energetically? Do you have a special occasion, present or future, that you would like to have blessed by Universal Consciousness ? 

Event Healing can offer support from Source,  for significant events such as :

A Wedding / A Union

A House Move / New Home

An Interview / Exam

An Operation / Birth

A Family/Friends Gathering

Be in touch if you would like to support or bless any of your occasions in this way.

Event Object Healing

Goddess of Light Essence


The Goddess of Light Essence is a high vibrational essence that holds the vibration of the Emerald Heart Light and the Energy of Mary Magdalene.

It is key to transformation in Divine Plan sessions as it deepens and extends the healing for up to six weeks, supporting you in continuing to clear and resolve issues around the chosen intentions.


3 drops are taken 3 times a day, thereby daily inviting the Goddess of Light vibration and healing into your heart. 

How do I receive an Essence?

If you are UK based you can receive the Essence by post.


Non UK based clients can receive the Essence by energy transfer - the process of this will be outlined in our session if it applies to you. 

£25 Inc. P&P

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