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What you are to be, you are now becoming...

Carl Rogers

Coaching is a process of dynamic support to help you achieve specified targets and goals within an identified timeframe.

The setting is confidential, non-judgmental and empathic, much the same way as counselling, however the focus is more practical rather than therapeutic. 

Wisdom Within Therapies Coaching lends itself to this service as it works to uncover your innate potential, tune into your strengths and put this power source and wisdom into action. 

Identifying goals, breaking down actions into achievable steps and gaining clarity of vision and assistance to stay on track are some of the strategies that will be used in this method of support as we work to crystallise and fulfil your aspirations. 

As a trained counsellor my method will naturally have a therapeutic leaning, however you will find Coaching sessions to be more outcome orientated, solution focused and proactive.

 I offer both Academic and Life Coaching

It's important that you choose an Academic or Life Coach that's the right fit.

I offer a free 20 minute introductory session where we can both meet. You can get a sense of how I work and I can see if what I offer is able to support you. 

If you have any questions or would like to book an introductory session, please get in touch.

Graduation Caps

Academic Coaching


Exam stress

Assignment Deadlines
Self Confidence

Via Teams / Zoom


Academic Coaching is for anyone who is on their academic journey.

It falls in the space between tutoring and wellbeing care.

An Academic Coach can meet with you consistently, with the focus of building up your academic confidence.

They can support with organisation, procrastination, motivation issues and help you understand your blocks and resistance to achieving what you know you are capable of.

An Academic Coach can be there for you to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm and help you get back on track with assessments and assignments as well as other educational life issues.

Specifically Wisdom Within Therapies Coaching will support you to connect with your inner resources and strength to facilitate you becoming more able to cope with the pressures of study, become more trusting of your capabilities and gain self confidence in your own abilities that you can find ways to achieve what you want to achieve - skills that you can take into your workplace and wider life. 

Hiking Trail

Life Coaching 


Workplace Issues
Problem Solving
Goal Success

Via Teams / Zoom



Using a therapeutic coaching style Wisdom Within Therapies Coaching provides brief/time limited sessions to identify your issue, gain clarity of your vision and solidify next steps to your goal, working collaboratively to utilise your inner guidance on the best action to take to make your vision into reality.. 

Can help with starting a new career, planning a project, problem solving.

If you are a recent University graduate and are thinking about next steps in life please be in touch and we can discuss a possible reduced fee.

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