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Divine Plan Healing

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Experience the Healing of the Divine Feminine

and let Her fill you in places where love needs a home... David Ashworth


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Divine Plan Healing is a 6-week healing journey with the Divine Feminine Source.

I act as a Witness of a beautiful process that connects you with the Divine Feminine.

The healing occurs between you, your Higher Self and the Divine Feminine Consciousness to enable the perfect healing process for your intentions.


During the process you will be deeply ground into Mother Earth to bring you strength and stability and your Heart will be invited to open to receive the Goddess so that she may support you with the unfolding of your Intentions.

Divine Plan Healing can assist with anyone who wishes to awaken or reconnect with their Divine Feminine power & supports with  Increased Self Love , Self Empowerment & Self Expression.

It can also help with:

Gaining Clarity & Vision

Burnout & Overwhelm

Pregnancy & Nurture 

Fear & Shame

Stress & Anxiety

Promote Peace, Harmony & Balance 

Experience the gentle rejuvenating and uplifting of Divine Plan Healing through the presence of the Goddess & Divine Feminine...


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 Healing Session 

30-Min Intention(s) Setting 

1 Hour Healing

The Goddess of Light Essence 

4 Weeks of Healing

30-Min follow-up insight call

In Person

  £110 inc. P&P

Sessions are approximately 1 hr 30 minutes.


In the session you will be asked to set an intention (s) or identify a target (s) that you would like assistance with.


The wording of the target(s) is significant as this will aid the healing to reach as deeply as possible, so some time may be spent on getting the wording just right.

Once the target(s) have been established you can lie back and the Divine Feminine will be requested to enter your field and provide the healing required. 


Please allow up to 1 hour for this.

You will then be invited to start taking the Goddess of Light essence daily for 4 weeks.

One month later we will have a follow up call to explore any insights or movement that you experienced over the four week healing.


Goddess of Light Essence

The Goddess of Light essence is much like a Bach Flower essences however it holds the vibration of the Divine Feminine.

It works to deepen and extend your healing for up to six weeks.

Supporting you in continuing to clear and resolve issues around the chosen intentions of the healing.


3 drops are taken 3 times a day, thereby daily inviting the Goddess of Light vibration and healing into your heart. 

How do I receive an Essence?

If you are UK based you can receive the Essence in Session or by:

Post - P&P costs of £5 will apply.

If you are non UK based you can receive the Essence by:

Energy Transmission -This involves placing a small, unopened bottle of mineral water in a special area to you, such as a shrine or near plants or crystals and the Goddess of Light vibrational signature will be transmitted to the bottle overnight to create the Essence for your use.

UK clients are able to request an Essence bottle in this way if preferred.

£25 per bottle.

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