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Gold person sitting inside seated meditating within a Gold lotus

Welcome to Wisdom Within Therapies 

Choose from a collection of online practices to facilitate your journey inwards towards Self...

I work from the premise that we all carry the wisdom within us to know what is truly best for our progress and development.

I offer a range of 1:1 online sessions which serve to uncover, promote and facilitate the application, growth and trusting of this inner resource.

Depending on what resonates with you, choose one or more of the practices to uncover your personal path to your goal.

Working with a qualified therapist with over 20 years of experience practicing from Brighton East Sussex with both UK based and international clients, feel more aligned, calm and connected to lead a freer, more joyful life in line with your unique gifts and inner truth.

Please do contact me for a free 20 min consultation if you would like to explore what service might be right for you.

Doorways Inwards

Green Curved Lines

Integrate and Release Past Traumas 

50 Mins


Spiral Stairs
Divine-Plan-Healing Pink Heart

Making It Happen!

50 Mins


Healing with the Divine Feminine 

1 Hr - 4 Wks

£12.50 - £111

(Summer Offer!)

Service Specialties


& Accessible




Deeper Connection with Self

Global Majority


Achieve Academic & Life Goals

As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves...

I was lucky to have Anita as my  mentor for 2 yrs as an MA student. I was having difficulties with studying due to a lack of confidence and depression. Anita was reassuringly positive throughout and gave me helpful strategies to complete the course successfully. I certainly finished the course in a better place than I would have without her. 

Josie - Coaching

Anita helped me at a time when I felt lost in life. She helped me make sense of my past and see how it continued to impact on me now. I found compassion for myself and also a trust in myself, that if I tune in I can understand my actions and emotions and be more in control of my life.  I can now face life with this new skill.

Tom - Counselling

I wasn't sure what to expect but Anita asked me what I wanted to achieve and helped me focus on my sincerest wishes and goals. She is an excellent practitioner and made me feel at ease. I cannot recommend her enough for working with anyone on their journey to healing and self love. She will work with you at your pace and without judgement. I felt lighter, brighter and at peace.

Sabrina -Divine Plan Healing

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